Dyslexia and Language Learning
Dyslexia and Language Learning
Sabato 30 Maggio 2015 -
09:00 a 13:00
Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, Università degli Studi di Verona - Verona

The purpose of the seminar is to introduce participants to (1) current understandings of dyslexia, (2) ways in which dyslexia impacts language learning, (3) legal obligations to ensure equal access and opportunity for dyslexic learners, and (4) specific methods for teaching and assessing dyslexic language learners which will enable teachers to meet the requirements of the law while also meeting the needs of their students. 

A series of expert talks will serve as a platform for an open panel discussion during which all participants may ask questions and share their own perspectives and experiences. The seminar will be of interest to language teachers and subject teachers teaching in a foreign language in all contexts – including primary, secondary, tertiary and life-long education, as well as private language schools and community programs.


Michael Ennis, Val d’Adige Local Group Coordinator: michaeljoseph.ennis@unibz.it


The deadline for pre-registration is May 25.