Salvatore Arancio "And these Crystals are just like Globes of Light"

Salvatore Arancio con una sua personale, alla Federica Schiavo Gallery.

Seminario per Insegnanti: Learning-centred dynamics: 5 minute lesson plans

A Seminar for scuola media and superiore teachers, discussing ideas about how the 5 minute lesson plan can help organise learning-centred lessons and courses creatively and efficiently.

Seminario per Insegnanti: Macbeth, portraying performances

A seminar on the different styles adopted by artists performing this character, which will also give suggestions fur using the material in CLIL classes.

Seminario per Insegnanti: Hello! Ciao! Bonjour! ¡Buenos Días!

In this global age we are becoming more and more aware of different culture and languages: how such an awareness can help 4-10 year old pupils develop their language learning skills?

Seminario: Using technology to teach and assess

Una sessione altamente interattiva, per riflettere sui benefici dell'utilizzo della tecnologia nelle valutazioni e non solo.

Psychedelic Macbeth

Una rilettura psichedelica della tragedia Shakespeariana. Biglietto ridotto per allievi e soci del British Council.

Un processo - 4 lingue

Una mostra e eventi per mettere in luce l'evoluzione della professione come veicolo del plurilinguismo e strumento per l'esercizio del diritto d'identità linguistica.

Seminar: Innovatory techniques in the novel, "Emma"

The new narrative techniques in Jane Austen's most accomplished and superbly ironic work: "Emma".

Seminar for Teachers: "Stimulating motivation with ..."

How to to create group work and encourage pupils to overcome their shyness and take part in class activities, through music.

Seminar: "Edward Bond’s Lear"

This seminar presents and discusses the new Italian staging of this disquieting play almost fifty years after its first shock appearance in London.