Seminario: Personal essays and memoirs

We will talk about the art of personal essays and memoirs, together with other forms of creative nonfiction.

Seminario: Tales and their tellers

The aim of this seminar is to enhance awareness of the art and craft of tale-telling.

Seminario: Introducing Synthetic Phonics

An introduction to Synthetic Phonic, its underlying principles, investigate the skills it helps promote and offer practical ideas on how to make it into a fun activity in the classroom.

#ArtLab17 Milano: Sviluppo, reti, mercati

Un focus sull’internazionalizzazione delle imprese culturali e creative, con un’interessante confronto tra fondazioni italiane ed europee e uno sguardo sulle industrie culturali in Cina.

Salvatore Arancio "And these Crystals are just like Globes of Light"

Salvatore Arancio con una sua personale, alla Federica Schiavo Gallery.

Seminario per Insegnanti: Learning-centred dynamics: 5 minute lesson plans

A Seminar for scuola media and superiore teachers, discussing ideas about how the 5 minute lesson plan can help organise learning-centred lessons and courses creatively and efficiently.

Seminario per Insegnanti: Macbeth, portraying performances

A seminar on the different styles adopted by artists performing this character, which will also give suggestions fur using the material in CLIL classes.

Seminario per Insegnanti: Hello! Ciao! Bonjour! ¡Buenos Días!

In this global age we are becoming more and more aware of different culture and languages: how such an awareness can help 4-10 year old pupils develop their language learning skills?

Seminario: Using technology to teach and assess

Una sessione altamente interattiva, per riflettere sui benefici dell'utilizzo della tecnologia nelle valutazioni e non solo.

Psychedelic Macbeth

Una rilettura psichedelica della tragedia Shakespeariana. Biglietto ridotto per allievi e soci del British Council.