Venerdì 11 aprile 2014 -
09:30 a 11:30
British Council Naples

Teaching English – In Service Teacher Development is a series of development workshops for state sector English language teachers (secondary and adult) with a minimum of B1 language competence level; L2 teachers working in the private sector and less experienced L1 teachers of English working in all sectors.

 Each workshop provides input on the main concepts as well as practical guidance on teaching techniques and methodology.  The approach is learner centred.  Course participants are encouraged to relate workshop content to their own teaching contexts and to share ideas and learning from their own experience.  Course participants will engage in group discussions, presentations, quizzes and games.  The tasks and activities can be adapted for participants use in their own classrooms.  Each workshop concludes with guided activities to promote reflective practice. The next workshop is:

Process Writing

Learning outcomes:

  •  Assess the issues involved in teaching writing in your own classrooms
  • Identify the approaches involved in producing different types of writing
  • Match writing sub-skills to a process writing framework
  • Analyse writing tasks from the point of view of audience, purpose and context
  • Pre-writing techniques and suitability for your own learners
  • Revising drafts and peer editing 
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