Domenica 04 Gennaio 2015 -
17:00 a 19:00
British Council, Milan

This workshop will investigate how pictures (both photography and paintings) can be used to introduce vocabulary and grammar at a range of levels, for any student age but especially for young learners.

Pictures help students to participate more actively by enhancing their curiosity and their memory. Art can be used to teach a wide range of vocabulary - from nature to shapes, from technology to jobs – and grammar items can be introduced too - how to express likelihood, what subjects can do or can't do, the position of adjectives in a sentence, the relationships of objects through prepositions, articles, possessives and much more.

Selecting a painting may be time consuming but it must be done carefully in order to create appropriate activities (such as drawings, quizzes, puzzles, crosswords) and introduce vocabulary in the correct way. The workshop will include some practical examples and lesson plans.

The session is suitable for scuola media and superiore.


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