Make no mistakes
Lunedì 07 marzo 2016
ore 14:00

Few things can be more disheartening than students’ errors and mistakes. Yet despite our best efforts as teachers and the most diligent efforts of our students, learning English seems to be characterized by error. What causes these errors, how can they be classified, and exactly what attitude(s) we should adopt towards them?

These are the key questions this session will explore before going on to consider when, how and, indeed, if we should correct errors.


  • 14.00 Registration, welcome coffee and Materials exhibition
  • 15.00 Make No Mistake · Robin Walker
  • 16.30 Read On! Reading and Shakespeare Donatella Fitzgerald
  • 17.15 Close and Certificates

Monday 7 March - British Council, Via Raffaele Morghen 31, Naples

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