Mat Wright

Giovedì 14 giugno 2018 -
08:15 a 09:00

Un incontro in lingua inglese, dedicato a coloro cha hanno un livello di inglese avanzato, a ingresso gratuito.

"Snails, smoke balls, Star Wars Storm-troopers and a passenger on a London bus who decides what is right and what is wrong."

A brief look at pivotal legal cases  which have helped shape UK law.

Trainer: Stuart Beaumont

Trainer Bio: Stuart graduated from the University of Leicester with an Honours degree in Law and French including a Certificate of French Law from the University of Strasbourg. He followed this by completing the Legal Practice Course at York College of Law before obtaining an English Teaching certificate from the University of Cambridge. He has worked with a wide variety of legal firms  in language training and has taught legal English for over 15 years in several schools and universities across Italy, including preparation for ILEC and TOLES law exams. He is currently working on courses with practising lawyers and University students.

Ingresso gratuito, prenotazione obbligatoria.

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