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Take IELTS to prove you have the right English language skills to study or work in Australia

IELTS is the reliable test for proving your English language skills in order to study, work or migrate to Australia. 

Over 900 higher education institutions and programmes in Australia accept IELTS scores as evidence of English language proficiency. They recognise the accuracy of IELTS in assessing your ability to understand, read, write and speak English. Use our online search to find comprehensive information on Australian organisations that accept IELTS. For more details on studying in Australia, you can also visit Study in Australia.

Australia is known for its high standard of education, making it an ideal destination for international students. The country offers a wide range of courses and programmes across various disciplines, ensuring you will have many options to pursue your desired field of study.

Australian universities are recognised globally for their high-quality education, student satisfaction, and prestigious qualifications.

They consistently rank among the top institutions worldwide in various fields of study, including Engineering and Technologies, Life Sciences and Medicine, Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Management.

In addition to their excellent education system, Australia also boasts a warm and welcoming culture. Their multicultural society enables you to meet people from diverse backgrounds, expanding your global perspective and creating a sense of inclusivity. 

One of the key attractions for international students in Australia are the vibrant student cities. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth are home to numerous universities and educational institutions, and a lively and dynamic environment. These cities also offer a wide range of recreational activities, entertainment options, and cultural events.

Migrate to Australia

IELTS is essential for obtaining the Australia Migration Visa and is mandatory for the principal applicant, spouse, and adult dependents above 18 years old. It is crucial to confirm the required IELTS scores and whether to take the Academic or General Training version before registering for the test.

For further information on immigration and student visa application procedures, please visit the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Study, work or migrate to New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its friendly people, stunning landscape and laid-back lifestyle.

IELTS is required for both study and work in New Zealand. It is accepted by over 200 educational institutions and employers throughout New Zealand.

All New Zealand universities are ranked within the top 3% globally. The country has eight state-funded universities, 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, which are now part of the Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, and approximately 550 Private Training Establishments, including English language schools.

For more information on student life in New Zealand, both before and during your studies, visit the government’s NauMai website.

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