Whether you are a business, an educational organisation, a charitable institution or an international organisation, we have the flexibility and experience to help you meet your needs.

Partnering with us can mean anything from simple event sponsorship to long-term collaboration. Joining forces with the British Council delivers our partners tangible benefits.


Reach new audiences

We can connect you directly with the audiences you need to reach.

Sponsor a project or be part of current programmes and we can help you reach different sectors and age groups from students to young professionals and experienced leaders.

We can co-design a project that sets out to reach your audiences, harnessing our networks and expertise

Enhance your brand

The British Council’s brand is trusted all over the world and represents the best the UK has to offer. For more than 75 years we have been helping people and organisations globally.

Our brand is based on valuing people, integrity, mutuality, creativity and professionalism. These values underpin everything we do.

Whether you are looking to sponsor, co-brand or become an official partner, we can add value to your brand. Through channels including events, online campaigns and social media, we can also promote your brand nationwide and internationally.

Achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims

Our expertise and networks mean that we work with partners to create events which address high-profile topics such as globalisation, internationalisation of higher education or activating local communities.

We can use our expertise in running socially-minded programmes to help you achieve your goals for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). From developing and promoting a programme to building relationships and gaining employee buy-in, we will act as a full partner to ensure your efforts are effective.

With our globally trusted brand, we are also able to promote your CSR profile both nationwide and internationally

Access our global network

We can provide you with access to our network of world-leading expertise in the areas of arts, English, and society to help you achieve your goals.

For over 65 years, we have been forging links between the UK and Italy. This enables us to build strong relationships with government leaders, policy makers and senior advisors.