Are you a teacher looking for an exciting project which can stimulate your students to develop and share their own opinions on art? We have the project you are looking for - it’s called ARTiculation

The British Council is collaborating with Roche Court Educational Trust to promote their innovative ARTiculation project across Italy. This is an international competition for young people which encourages them to express, in English, the reasons why they particularly love a work of art or architecture.

Participating schools can sign up to receive specially-prepared materials in English on contemporary art and presentation skills to be used in the classroom or for self-study. 

In academic year 2017/18 we collaborated with the Ufficio Scolastico of Lombardy and invited secondary schools in the Lombardy region to participate in a competition (for pupils aged 16+) focusing on the visual arts called ARTiculation Prize Italia.

The finals were held in Liceo Artistico Boccioni on the 27th March.

Our congratulations to the following pupils and schools!
In first place:
Marco Conti,  Liceo Artistico Lucio Fontana, Arese
Teacher: Sabina Moscatelli          

In second place:
Corinna Longoni, Collegio Villoresi San Giuseppe, Monza
Teacher: Chiara Valle

In third place:
Chiara Pezzano, Liceo Artistico Boccioni, Milano
Teacher: Isabella Baldi

Our thanks to our adjudicator Jeremy Boudreau, Head of History of Art, British Institute Florence for his collaboration in selecting the final three.


Here are three reasons to sign up to the project:

1. It introduces an international experience to the classroom based on contemporary art;

2. It encourages the pupils to share their opinions on something they are passionate about - all the while improving their English!

3. It’s a student-centred project – they take the lead and decide what to talk about


Registration opens from 18th September. 

Click to complete the online registration form.

In registering you express your interest in carrying out some ARTiculation activity in your school. You will see a link to the teaching support materials which have been created with secondary school audiences in mind, by British Council staff and materials writer Fiona Benson, but which could be adapted for other classes.

Why is there not a national competition?

This year we are working with the Ufficio Scolastico of Lombardy to promote the project and will run a regional level competition with schools in Lombardy only.  This is to ensure we can offer sufficient support for the participating schools.  For schools outside of Lombardy, when you register your interest in the project, you can indicate whether in future years you would like to participate in a regional or national final, so we can see where there is demand.

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