Creative conversations

Creative Conversations, photo Andrea Macchia

Our work with arts partners

We achieve closer cultural relations between the UK and Italy by promoting a modern, diverse picture of contemporary Britain. We encourage the debate of issues and ideas to challenge fixed opinions and to increase understanding between cultures. We do this by working in collaboration with local arts institutions.

What we do in the arts is to create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded arts organisations within Italy, Europe and further afield.

  • We highlight the United Kingdom as a creative, diverse and innovative nation.
  • We work on projects where we are a key contributor to the content and are not simply a funding body.
  • We raise awareness on themes such as cultural diversity, leadership and other societal issues.

How we work in the arts

We organise our work under four areas:


We support talented, emerging professionals working in the cultural sector through leadership initiatives and events.


We work on market intelligence, exploring artistic niches and innovative artistic collaboration between the UK and Italy and across Europe. We facilitate the mobility of art practitioners.

Social responsibility

We consider how the art sector deals with major global challenges faced by society such as climate change, economic crisis, equality issues etc. We support practices that integrate and propose models to face these challenges.

Cultural diversity

We explore how artists deal with their cultural heritage in the context of a diverse Europe. We compare models and approaches to diversity and multiculturalism in the arts within Europe.

Work with us

If you are working on similar themes and have a collaborative idea you would like to share with the British Council, you can contact us at Please provide us with your contact details and as much key information on your project as possible.

Discover the UK arts scene and opportunities: Visit our global arts websites below to find out more about the opportunities we offer and the UK scene in your sector