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Selector Radio is the British Council’s weekly international radio show bringing you the best new music the UK has to offer. A two hour programme hosted by Jamz Supernova, Selector Radio covers all genres of contemporary music and features interviews and exclusive live sessions from some of the most exciting British artists making music in the UK today.

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With an audience estimated to be in excess of three million listeners, The Selector reflects the brilliance and diversity of British music, promoting the sounds, talents and musical culture of modern Britain to an international audience.

The underlying aim of the show is to challenge people's perceptions about the UK and showcase the wealth of creativity and innovation on offer here. It avoids many of the mainstream British acts that international audiences might already be familiar with, in favour of emerging talent and underground flavours.

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As one of the leading next generation DJ's in the UK, Jamz Supernova has passion for her craft in abundance.

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