Training schools partnerships

We partner with schools in Milan, Naples and Rome to deliver English courses to their pupils and others in the local community.

You can find here below some of the kind of partnerships we could set up with your school.


We partner with various schools in Milan, Naples and Rome to deliver English language classes which are open to the general public. The British Council rents classrooms in the afternoons and on Saturdays to deliver our standard courses for Young Learners and in some cases adults.

The schools can benefit from various factors, including investment in IT equipment, discounts for their students and the brand association with the British Council. Fee-based services such as teacher training or events for students can also be requested. Key factors for successful partnerships are the school's location and reputation in the community, commitment from school management, and an attractive school environment


We have partnered with a small number of schools to deliver language teaching as part of the school's curriculum.

Key factors for successful partnerships are clear project objectives, financial resources, a long term commitment from school management and realistic timelines for planning and development.


We run short Cambridge exam preparation courses in schools designed specifically for their pupils and not open to the public.

The courses are usually 45 hours long and can be run throughout the school year or intensively over the summer.