Training schools partnerships

The British Council

The British Council is appointed by the UK Government as the main body for cultural relations with other countries in the educational and cultural fields.

We collaborate with several schools throughout Italy and offer tailor-made courses and different partnership opportunities.

Our teachers

The British Council employs a team of highly qualified teachers: qualified with Cambridge University certifications and diplomas for teaching English to foreigners (CELTA and / or DELTA). Our teachers have many years of teaching experience and the British Council implements continuous checks of teaching standards, while also offering continuous training.

Partnerships with schools

Extracurricular English courses, also online

We collaborate with several schools throughout Italy and, in particular, in Rome, Milan and Naples, providing English courses for students and / or the community, usually in the afternoon, after school, or on Saturdays.

In addition to educational activities during the school year, we plan a series of shorter and more intensive courses, also, but not only, over the summer months. For example, tailor-made courses designed for the needs of a single school, or short courses for Cambridge exams.

The British Council also provides additional services on request, such as teacher training or student events.

Courses can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Teacher training and curriculum assistance.

We also create partnerships to support the teaching of English within the school programme, through direct teaching or with training and refresher courses for teachers.

Examples of our face-to-face or online courses:

  Audience Length
Primary Plus Primary school students From 10 to 60 hrs
Secondary Plus Secondary school students From 10 to 90 hrs
Preparation for Exams such as:  YLs, KET, PET, First, Advanced, Proficiency Primary and Secondary students From 30 hrs
Intensive or extensive
Summer courses Primary and Secondary students One or more weeks
Training Teachers English and/or methodology courses


The teaching methods used by British Council teachers apply the latest innovations in the field of teaching and technology. The programmes are designed to:

  • develop the four fundamental language skills, with particular attention to oral communication
  • help students understand the mechanisms of language, through practical activities
  • create opportunities to use the language in a real and meaningful way 
  • facilitate students in finding the strategies that best fit their various personal learning styles.

Motivation, together with the teachers’ skill, is a key factor for effective learning. When interest and creativity are stimulated, students learn faster and obtain better results.

We work continuously to make kids' language learning a positive, fruitful and fun experience.

For each of our students we work to build a structured path within the English language, offering the opportunity to develop their potential in a serene, safe and stimulating environment.


Emanuela Sias | Head of Partnerships, English | Italy, British Council