Entry requirements for foreign universities, US, UK, Australia, Canada

IELTS is the global test for international mobility. More than 11,000 organisations worldwide already accept IELTS scores for education, employment and immigration. If you need to ascertain the language skills of your students, staff or potential candidates, IELTS is the only test you will need.

The IELTS test can help you:

  • check the English language level of staff or students when recruiting them
  • assess the English language level of your students when they are applying for international mobility programmes
  • equip your students with the world’s most popular international English language test at the point of graduation, to help them stand out in today’s competitive jobs market.

Becoming an IELTS recognising organisation

You can help raise the profile of your institution to prospective candidates by applying to become an IELTS recognising university, school, company or organisation. Your organisation will then be given a free listing on Who accepts IELTS? and all IELTS websites.

You can apply using the online application form. It only takes a few minutes and once we have received the form we will let you know if your application has been successful.

All organisations need to state that they recognise IELTS on their websites, wherever they are based in the world.

Keeping your applicants informed about required IELTS scores

We recommend that you publish the IELTS scores that you require on your organisation’s website as this will assist prospective candidates in their decision making. It will also help streamline your application processes and reduce your need to respond to detailed enquiries.

Our team in Italy can provide you with official IELTS logos to include on your website. For more information, please contact us.

Becoming an IELTS partner institution – and get more for both you and your students

We are open to partnerships with schools, universities or higher education institutions that would like to offer IELTS sessions on their premises exclusively for their own students.

Signing a partnership agreement means that you can enjoy greater flexibility as well as other advantages. For example, you can choose the most suitable test dates from our annual calendar (four dates a month) and enjoy the convenience of doing the test on your own premises with no extra cost. We can also arrange access to IELTS preparation material and academic support, if required, including the institutional version of Road to IELTS (120 hours of online preparation material for your students).

We are also willing to provide IELTS seminars in your venues.

No more paper: organisations can verify results online

IELTS is used by many organisations as evidence of competence in English. A candidate who has taken IELTS is given a Test Report Form (TRF) which details the candidate's test scores. In order to check that the candidate is presenting a genuine TRF, and that the candidate and the TRF match, we have developed an online verification service.

Access to the service is free and the service will help you to ensure that anyone presenting you with a TRF is entitled to claim the level of competence detailed on the TRF. Access to the site is restricted in order to protect the data we hold on candidates. You will not be able to carry out general searches of the data we hold; you will only be able to search on complete TRF numbers.

Access or apply for access credentials to the IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Verification Service

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