Kaash, Akram Khan
Kaash ©

Akram Khan

Wednesday 14 October 2015 - 00:00 to Wednesday 04 November 2015 - 00:00
Various, Rome

Russell Maliphant, Akram Khan Company and Igor and Moreno have been invited to this year's edition of the RomaEuropa Festival.

The dance show ‘Conceal | Reveal’ is a celebration of the twenty-year collaboration between choreographer Russell Maliphant and lighting designer Michael Hulls. Together, the two artists have developed a unique and unparalleled language that blends light and movement. ‘Conceal | Reveal’ is an evening of both old and fresh works including ‘Broken Fall’ -one of Maliphant’s most famous creations- and two new pieces. Russell Maliphant danced with companies such as DV8 and choreographers such as Michael Clark, Rosemary Butcher and Laurie Booth, before founding his own company in 1996.
The evening also showcases his ability to explore different languages and forms of dance and movement in, for example, his blend of classical ballet and ‘contact improvisation’ with yoga, capoeira and tai chi.

Conceal|Reveal - 6-7 October 2015, h 9 pm - Teatro Argentina

‘Kaash’ by Akram Khan was presented for the first time at Romaeuropa Festival back in 2002. It will be presented again this year in the new 2014 version, a revival of the 2002 full-length work. Kaash is an extremely beautiful choreography that left a profound mark on the scene of contemporary dance, and foregrounded the figure of Akram Khan internationally. Born in Great Britain into a family of Bangladeshi immigrants, Khan began dancing at the age of seven and trained in the classical South Asian dance form of Kathak.Both dancer and choreographer, Khan fused different and distant genres and gave life to his own distinctive style, a blend of classical kathak and contemporary technique that made him famous all over the world, and that he first explored and asserted in ‘Kaash’. It is no accident that the set and the music of this show were devised by sculptor and architect Anish Kapoor and by Nitin Sawhney – both of them have Eastern origins, but are based and work in the West. The choreography is divided in three parts, each one based on a different aspect of Shiva, one of the main deities of Hinduism: cosmic violence, meditative nature, and the eternal cycle of creation and destruction.
After more than ten years, Khan decided to restage ‘Kaash’ and to cast an Italian dancer, Nicola Monaco, as the leading role he once danced.

Kaash - 14-16 October 2015, h 9 pm - Auditorium Conciliazione

Igor and Moreno are two young, promising British choreographers of Spanish and Italian descent, respectively. They will open ‘DNAeurope meets Aerowaves’, a European network devoted to experimental dance with which Fondazione Romaeuropa has been partnered since the beginning of the year. ‘Idiot-Syncrasy’ is an ironic, breezy choreography. It was born out of the economic crisis, and it focuses on desires in a time of frustration. Igor and Moreno, who are both choreographers and dancers of this piece, invite the audience to reconsider their desires and to look for happiness in their own body, its actions and relationships with other people, in order to overcome dissatisfaction.
The set is sober and without frills, the light design consists of a single color that expands and reduces the surrounding space and has an effect on the performers. Igor and Moreno met in 2006 while they were training at the London Contemporary Dance School (The Place).

Idiot-Syncrasy - 4 November, h 7 pm - Teatro India, Sala B