The British Council is the UK’s official organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

We offer a wide range of high quality English courses in various locations:

British Council, Rome, Prati
(at Istituto Nazareth) Via Cola di Rienzo, 140
Public: courses for young learners (6-18 yrs)

British Council, Rome, EUR
(at Highland's Institute) Viale della Scultura 15
Public: courses for young learners (6-18 yrs)

British Council, Rome, Piazza Bologna
(at Iunior International Institute) Via G.B. de Rossi 48
Public: courses for young learners (6-18 yrs)

British Council, Rome, Piazza Bologna
(at Petranova International Institute)  Via Pavia 23
Public: courses for young learners (4-5 yrs)

We also offer tailor made courses for companies, exams and activities to meet your needs whether for academic purposes, to improve your career prospects or simply for the pleasure of learning.

Our courses of English:

You may also be interested in our Training for companies and educational institutions

Contact and location

Contact us:

Phone: 06 9480 0751
email: corsi@britishcouncil.it

Customer Service phone contacts for our courses of English:

Tuesday to Friday
from 10.00 to 13.00
from 14.00 to 18.00
Saturday: closed

Extra activities

Discover our online community events!

Take part in our exclusive range of free activities which are dedicated to British Council students and suitable for any level.

The British Council's community events will help you improve your English in a natural and fun way, thanks to the wide variety of fascinating topics covered. Like any strong community, it also offers you the chance to meet, connect and socialise with people from different places and with similar (or different!) interests. 

Find out which one suits you best among: 

  • Britain is Great - explore the culture and history of the UK
  • Music Lounge - listen to and discuss some great songs
  • TED Speeches - reflect on the burning issues of today
  • Special Events - join for stimulating discussion and interaction activities

Do not miss the opportunity to become part of our exclusive Community!