Shell has been instrumental in developing the Read On! literacy project in Basilicata, helping us develop creativity and literacy in the region.

Shell has also helped to make Pontignano Conference a success. Marco Brun, the director of Shell explains:

Read On!

"Read On! Extensive Reading in Basilicata Shell Italia E&P prides itself in supporting the Read-On project in collaboration with the British Embassy and Oxford University Press. The programme was launched in Basilicata in 2012 and we consider it to be one of the highlights of Shell’s social investment in Italy. The numbers talk for themselves: 61 schools in the region volunteered to take part in the project with an enthusiastic response from more than 1500 students, culminating in a successful Reading festival in Potenza in 2013. We strongly believe that the Read-on project is a unique opportunity to introduce young students to a completely different approach to the study of the English language and our company is extremely pleased to contribute to this educational process."

Pontignano Conference:

"Shell Italy is honoured of the consolidated collaboration established with the British Council for the support of the Pontignano Conference.I believe that this event, against a backdrop of informal atmosphere, is always thought-provoking and capable of making a contribution to a better dialogue in relation to the collective challenges and choices that Europe, the industry and the whole world face."



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