Secondary Plus Back to School

Learn English and set yourself up for a bright future

Our Secondary Plus Online is a course developed by our team of English experts to teach you the skills to build your confidence and help you reach your full potential.

Our new approach means you will have a more rewarding learning experience, getting the most out of studying English at home with a combination of:

  • live online classes with a specialist, highly-trained teacher 
  • interactive independent study, set by your teacher that will prepare you for class

All on a safe, easy to use platform – the learning hub


  • Price: €1280
  • Length: 60 hrs
  • Dates: end September/early October 2021 - June 2022
  • One lesson per week (two academic hours), also on Saturday
  • Age: 10-18 yrs

PET preparation courses

  • Price: €640
  • Length: 30 hrs
  • Dates: 02/10/2021 - 05/02/2022 and 12/02/2022- 18/06/2022
  • Days/Time: Saturday - 12:45-14:45
  • Age: 12-16 yrs

First for schools preparation courses

  • Price: €1280
  • Length: 60 hrs
  • Dates: 02/10/2021 - 18/06/2022
  • Days/Time: Saturday - 15:30-17:30
  • Age: 14-18 yrs

Lively speaking classes with expert teachers help you find your voice  

During class, you will:

  • have lots of time to speak English and practise pronunciation with your teacher and fellow classmates  
  • develop your communication skills by working on projects in pairs and small teams 
  • build up to a final project at the end of each module that has a real-life outcome, such as a presentation or blog
  • practise the skills you need for success in school exams and international universities 
  • focus on real-world topics like artificial intelligence, gaming, ethical food and climate change. 

Develop life skills for a global world 

Our English course helps you develop into an assertive, independent global citizen: 

  • You will work on an exciting range of practical and challenging tasks that encourage self-expression and creative thinking .
  • By working with classmates on team tasks, you will build collaboration and leadership skills.

The learning hub helps you make more progress

To help you get the most out of each class, your teacher will set you interactive, independent study on the learning hub to complete before and after class. This means you will come to class fully prepared so you can focus on improving your English-speaking skills: 

  • everyone learns in their own way so you will complete the independent study at your own pace, helping you to build your confidence to speak English and get ready for your future
  • tasks are specially designed to develop your reading, writing and listening skills
  • you will use real-world English materials, such as magazine articles, job adverts, film reviews, music podcasts and sports vlogs to improve your grammar and vocabulary 
  • a personalised dashboard will help you to work on your projects and keep track of your progress, anytime

Be yourself and build confidence in a safe and inclusive learning environment

Our safe, online learning environment provides a space for you to be yourself:

  • you will be in a class with others who have the same language level and are of a similar age
  • your teacher will give you plenty of opportunity to express your opinions openly, helping you to gain confidence in speaking English
  • we put your well-being first and have robust measures in place to ensure you are safe and your data is protected.

Technical requirements

The learning hub can be accessed using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. We do not recommend using a mobile phone because we want to make sure all our students enjoy a quality learning experience. 

You will also need a good wifi connection.

Discover the Learning Hub

The Learning Hub helps you to feel more confident to communicate in English, allowing you to practice your English before and after class so that you come to class feeling more prepared and ready to make more progress.

Watch the video to know more