Bruce Warburton - British Council, Rome centre

Before working general and business English teaching area, Bruce had experience in business to business sales and customer care in a successful quality food wholesale business. He also worked as a team leader delivering soft skills training in the corporate sector. In addition to teaching, Bruce also delivers most of Rome’s successful workshop programme.

Deirdre Mulrennan - British Council, Rome centre

Deirdre has taught in the UK and Italy and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of English language teaching. Her particular area of interest and expertise is teaching Young Learners with a special focus on Primary Plus.

Hugh Fulton - British Council, Rome centre

After a career in retail and photography, at 35 Hugh retrained to become an EFL teacher.  "My experience has taught me that life-long learning is a reality and  provides the tools to embrace change". Hugh completed a masters in Applied Linguistics  which  brought an increased awareness of the rich theoretical basis to many of the teaching practices and a renewed enthusiasm for finding new ways to "engage both my learners and myself in the process of learning".

Leanne Lucas - British Council, Rome centre

Leanne has been working as a teacher of English since 2001. Her main areas of interest are exam preparation, vocabulary development and materials design. She is currently working towards an MA in English Language Teaching.

Stephen Gore - British Council, Rome centre

Stephen has lived and worked in Italy for over 20 years and his particular area of expertise and inspiration is teaching teenagers. When he’s not working, Stephen spends his time cycling in Italy and experimenting with cooking dishes from all around the world.