Sarah Lamb (Giulietta) - foto di Johan Persson
Sarah Lamb (Giulietta) - foto di Johan Persson ©

ROH | Johan Persson

Tuesday 22 September 2015 - 15:06
Cinemas across Italy

The British Council, in partnership with QMI presents Romeo and Juliet which opens the 2015-2016 Royal Opera House Cinema season. ROH Live Cinema, is the great opportunity of seeing the Royal Opera House productions at the cinemas throughout Italy, but only for one night!

Kenneth MacMillan poignant setting of Sergey Prokofiev’s classic score draws out the emotional and psychological intensity of the tale. Romeo and Juliet contains three passionate pas de deux: the lovers’ first meeting, the famous balcony scene and the devastating final tragedy, in which Romeo dances desperately with the lifeless Juliet. The story is set against a wonderful evocation of 16th-century Verona, and includes a bustling marketplace that erupts into a violent sword fight, and a lavish ball held in an elegant mansion. 

Performers: Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae. Conducted by Peter Manning


5 October
Le Nozze di Figaro, starring Erwin Schrott e Anita Hartig; conducted by Ivor Bolton

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