Our offices will change their opening timetables in July and August 2017.

Please check this page for more details about timetables and Summer closures.

Milan - Via Manzoni, 38 (main centre)

Via Manzoni, 38 20121 Milano
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We're organising a series of free events, in September, open to kids, young students, parents, adults, who want to improve their English for study or work and which allow you to get  a 360° experience of the British Council’s world of English!
Check here for the list of events.

The British Council is the UK’s official organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

We offer a wide range of high quality English courses in various locations in Milan: Via Manzoni 38, Corso Magenta 71 (at Collegio San Carlo) and Via Bonvesin de la Riva 12, Corso XXII Marzo area (at Istituto Maria Ausiliatrice).

We also offer tailor made courses for companies, exams and activities to meet your needs whether for academic purposes, to improve your career prospects or simply for the pleasure of learning.

Contact and location

Opening times will change in August. Please, check the new timetables

Our courses are held from early mornings to late evenings and on Saturdays too.

You can find below our telephone and reception opening hours.


Day Time  
Monday-Friday 9:30-13:00 and 14:00-18:00  


Sunday closed  

Reception (Via Manzoni, 38)

Day Time  
Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00  
Saturday 10:00-14:00  
Sunday closed  

 Opening times will change in August. Please, check the new timetables.

Extra resources for students


As a British Council student you have free membership to the Resource Centre where you can ask for study advice as well as access to different activities:

  • Lending service
  • The Online Catalogue and the Reservation Service
  • Edmodo
  • Speaking Club and other events for students only

Visit our Resource Centre page to know more.