1. No recording

Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring that no screenshots or recordings are taken at any time during the virtual class. Failure to comply strictly with the no recording policy may result in expulsion from British Council courses.

2. Only learners on camera

No person other than the learner must be visible on camera at any time during the class.

3. Contacting learners

No person apart from the learner should attempt to contact any other learner in the class.

4. Sharing personal data

The sharing of any form of personal data, including telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and all other forms of personal data or contact data is prohibited.

5. Appropriate use

Learners should abide by all policies covering the appropriate use of virtual learning platforms managed by the British Council. Learners should only interact with other learners in the virtual classroom environment provided for this purpose, and will not attempt, or aid any attempt by another person, to interact with other learners outside of the virtual learning environment.

6. Anti-bullying policy

Learners must follow the behaviour policy applicable for face-to-face classes, including our zero tolerance stance on bullying.