partnership with American University of Rome

This program is delivered by the British Council in association with The American University of Rome and is designed for those who meet the university admission requirements but require further development of their academic English language skills.

Those who complete the course and the final examination will receive the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) qualification and, subject to meeting other entry criteria, The American University of Rome will offer you conditional acceptance to the undergraduate program of your choice. For those who do enroll with AUR, the fees paid for this program will be reimbursed, with the cost of the program offset against tuition fees.

We will focus on:

The grammar and vocabulary necessary for academic study

The differences between conversational and academic English

The course will teach you to distinguish between formal and informal English and use each form correctly. Conversational forms such as phrasal verbs, idiomatic language and contracted forms should not be used in academic English, and written work can be penalized if it contains them.     

 Research and evaluation techniques

 The reliability of sources used in academic work must be carefully evaluated. Wikipedia, for example, is not an authoritative source; however, a Wikipedia page may contain references to useful and reliable sources. You will learn how to find, assess and cite sources correctly.     

Writing in an academic style

Academic writing requires a well-structured argument that runs clearly and coherently from introduction to conclusion. We will analyze examples of academic writing in a variety of contexts and practice writing in an academic style.     

How to produce a successful presentation

The ability to present information with confidence and precision is an important part of academic study. This aspect of the course will focus on how to present information supported by visual representations of data, such as line graphs and pie charts.     

Listening and comprehension skills

You will learn how to identify key information when listening to English and understand the rhetorical devices used by the speaker to guide the listener     

Preparation for the IELTS exam

Thanks to our long-standing experience in IELTS, we give you the best possible preparation for the exam, covering all the essential skills and providing strategies and techniques to ensure the best result.

When does the next program run?

The next ELPUS program will run from September 15 until December 13 2019.

The program comprises 16 hours of classes per week (four hours per day, Tuesday to Friday) and the IELTS examination will take place in the week commencing January 6 2020.

How much does the program cost?

The program fees are 2980 Euro (including the IELTS examination fee). On matriculation, you will receive full reimbursement of the ELPUS Program costs offset against tuition fees.


Can I take the ELPUS Program if I don’t plan to study at AUR?
Yes. While this program has been designed specifically for those wishing to enroll at AUR, it serves as a good preparatory course for entry into any English speaking university. The program is also suitable for those seeking an English language qualification with the IELTS examination.

Can I receive credit for the ELPUS Program?
You cannot receive credit for this program, but, if you are an undergraduate candidate, you can take one credit-carrying course such as Photography or Statistics while on the Program.
After successful completion of the ELPUS Program, you can continue onto your chosen major.  On matriculation, you will receive full reimbursement of the ELPUS Program costs offset against tuition fees.

What IELTS score do I need for entry to AUR?
The IELTS qualification is recognized internationally as a certification of proficiency in the English language. All candidates will take the IELTS exam upon completion of the course. Students must obtain a pass mark of 6.0 or above in order to enroll on an undergraduate course at AUR (assuming all other conditions have been met).

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