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Nervous about your IELTS score?

As co-owners of IELTS, no one is better placed than we are to help you significantly increases your chance of getting the score you need in your IELTS exam.

Our expert teachers will help you to prepare for the test so that you can reach the day of the exam fully prepared and feeling confident.

You will learn the techniques you need for each part of the exam and we will give you advice and information on the test from our own unique perspective as co-owners of the test. This way you will achieve the necessary knowledge to get the result you want and fulfil your professional and academic objectives anywhere in the world.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular official English Exam worldwide, for work and study abroad. It is also the only exam accepted by all countries for the purposes of immigration.

Register for our IELTS preparation course if you wish to:

  • Learn online anytime, anywhere with 24/7 live classes
  • Improve test-related skills for the Academic or General Training tests for all 4 sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Gain test awareness and improve test-related strategies with expert tips and techniques
  • Personalise your course to suit your needs

Our course formats are specially created to optimize your test potential for the four skills assessed in the IELTS exam: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Minimum B2 level.

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Get closer to the score you need in the IELTS Test with our expert teachers. Study in live online group or private classes at 30% off for a limited period only.

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