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The innovative way to assess English language skills

Aptis is the new British Council's Test to assess in a fast, reliable and effective way English language skills in your organisation.


Aptis Version Assess English skills at all levels for... Who is it for
General adults (16+)  all organisations such as private companies, NGOs, government agencies, universities
Teens teens (12-18)  schools, educational institutions, government agencies
Teachers teachers, trainers and lecturers of any subject  schools, educational institutions, government agencies
Tourism professionals and students working in tourism, hospitality and service industry all tourism and horeca organisations such as travel agents, taxi unions, hotels, hospitality schools, tourism boards, local institutions


  • Fast: computer-based test delivered via computer or tablets and results typically available in 48 hours;
  • Flexible content: choice of different skills to test (listening, reading, writing, speaking) to combine with grammar and vocabulary;
  • Flexible delivery: the client can decide where and when the test is taken;
  • Accurate and Reliable: developed and tested by English language testing experts

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