Saturday 26 May 2018 -
10:00 to 20:00

TEDxRoma is back. This fifth edition will take place at Roma Convention Center – La Nuvola, and it will focus on the theme of Neutrality. The title of our event, Esperanto, is deliberately evocative.

Why Esperanto?

Esperanto is the language of equality, neutrality and justice. It is the dream through which we would like to imagine humanity. It represents a bridge between modernity and tradition, a dialogue among free and liberal men seeking for progress and autonomy.

Actually, as of today, differences are ever more radical. Therefore, the real challenge is to create a space for these differences to cooperate and communicate. Esperanto is not only a linguistic platform, it also embodies an open and inclusive form to solve the many issues of our times. In order to do so, people, institutions and major corporations must endorse a constant neutral search for a solution, replacing the arrogance of an individualistic point of view.

Technology, art, economy and politics are all vehicles for global connection and growth, but how can we be sure that their use abides by the original purpose of their creation? Will these platforms be able to maintain their neutrality, thus virtually connecting all the complex aspects of human society, while respecting all its differences and further transforming them into opportunities for all?

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