Business English courses
Saturday 27 January 2018 -
17:00 to 20:00

Open Evening, Milano

An afternoon to learn more about our activities in Milan and to discover our February courses offer.

Book your favourite session or sessions, and join us anyway at 19.00 for an aperitivo.


17.00-17.45 and 18.00-18.45
Demo lessons: General English at Intermediate and Advanced Levels
Our General English courses, available at all levels, improve your English communication skills for study, work and daily use across the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. It’s our most popular and comprehensive course and is packed with speaking activities to help you communicate, develop your grammar and vocabulary and focus on pronunciation.

Jane Austen 200. Marketing tricks: The Anniversary
Taking a look at how companies turn milestones into money. Una sessione dimostrativa degli ormai noti Business Breakfast rivolti a coloro che possiedono già un livello avanzato di inglese e desiderano iniziare la giornata con noi, migliorando l’inglese soprattutto utile nel mondo del lavoro. Helen Dodd, Teacher  

Our Exams offer
Irene Manca, Director Examinations 

What can studying at a British University offer you? How do you apply to study in the UK and what do you need to do? 
Criteri di scelta, accesso e l’offerta del sistema britannico.Jane Hoatson, Education Mentor

Business Speaking demo lesson
Communicating with clarity in business situations. Katie Harris, Teacher

From 17.30 to 18.50
An introduction to our Resource Centre.

Aperitivo and music!

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