Thursday 23 April 2015 -
08:30 to 09:15
British Council, Milan

Un incontro in lingua inglese, dedicato a coloro che hanno un livello di inglese avanzato, a ingresso gratuito (su prenotazione).

Per iniziare al meglio la giornata, facendo colazione e chiacchierando con noi, in inglese.

Advertising can tell you a lot about a country

Advertisers often use national stereotypes, history and culture to sell their products around the world. Think castles and kilts for the UK, pasta and family for Italy. 

This talk will look at how advertising can shape our view of a country’s identity and discuss how to portray a more modern positive view of our nations.  

Trainer: with a background in fashion and design Helen Richards has over 10 years’ experience teaching English. She worked in the fashion industry for several years as a designer and illustrator and has lectured in design at some of the best known art Schools in London.


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