Made to measure courses how we work
Made to measure courses how we work

We are a centre of excellence in English Language teaching and training. We deliver the highest quality courses tailored to your personal and professional requirements. 

Highly qualified and experienced trainers

Our trainers are highly experienced and qualified in teaching English as a Foreign Language. They hold University of Cambridge qualifications CELTA and /or DELTA. British Council provides ongoing training to ensure their professional development continues.

Cutting edge methodology

Our methodology is interactive, communicative and dynamic and ensures students learn to converse effectively and with confidence. Our training programmes are clear, personalised and geared towards specific training needs, business and personal priorities. Our teachers are experienced professionals, able to adapt to each individual, while maintaining a high level of motivation and energy in every lesson. All lessons include skills and vocabulary development, language focus, pronunciation work and error correction. Regular assessment means students feel they are making progress

Made to measure courses

Our teaching includes a wide range of multimedia resources and support to ensure as much authentic interaction as possible. All activities and simulations are stimulating and realistic and reflect real life situations.

All our courses are made to measure.

Every student’s learning needs are taken into consideration and supported from start to finish.

We arrange an initial level test and meeting to assess training needs and priorities and start developing a course plan from that moment. This can be adapted to reflect changing needs. The teacher follows up with periodic feedback and course reviews. Our courses are flexible and can be arranged to fit your time, training objectives and budget.

Continuous assessment

It’s important that all our students feel a sense of progress and achievement and to make sure that happens our courses include regular level and progress checks and counselling sessions. Our Customer care team provide you or your organisation with frequent attendance and progress updates. Our trainers are attentive, efficient and professional. They are open to your comments and suggestions at all times.

Highly quality course material

We use a wide variety of the published and authentic texts selected by your trainers to meet your needs. We constantly research new materials to make sure our courses reflect current trends and provide challenging and stimulating topics.