We have many courses to choose from - so why not start today.

Its simple to register, this step by step process explains how. 

1. Take an English level test

Our level test thoroughly assesses your language knowledge and your ability in English. The test is followed by consultation to help you choose a course. Find out more about the level test.

Use our online booking service to register for a level test and counselling at one of the following centres:

Rome  Milan 


If the web page is slow to load, please contact our Customer Services Team on the following numbers

Rome - +39 06478141

Milan - +39 02772221

Naples - + 39 0815788274

2. Choose the course you would like to take

As soon as we know your level, our teachers and customer services team will help to find the right course for you, at the right time and location. 

3. Register

You can register just after the test. If you have taken a course or a test with us in the last six months, you do not need to take the level test again to enrol.

Contact us if you have questions or doubts.

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