Updated April 2022

If I want to re-register / register for the courses in autumn, what payment options do you have available?

If you have previously registered for a course with us, we will have sent you an invitation and registration instructions via email. You can either pay online or through bank transfer. More info are available on our website; have a look at the dedicated pages.

If you would like to register for a course for the first time, you will need to take a placement test so we can recommend the best course for your learning needs. After you have completed the test, our trained staff will discuss your results and your learning path with you to choose the course that best suits your needs.  

You can access the placement test page and see the steps to follow here

What courses are available for the new academic year?

Please have a look at the dedicated pages on our website:

What safety measures are in place in classrooms and in premises?

Your health is our priority and we are following government guidelines, to ensure the teaching centre is as safe as possible for test takers and our staff. More info on the dedicated page.

Following the latest order of the Ministry of Health dated 28 April 2022, we would like to inform you that until 15 June, students and exam candidates will be required to wear a mask on British Council premises and at our partner venues. From 1 May, you will no longer be required to show your Green Pass.

If I register myself or my child for a new face-to-face course, what will happen if there is another wave of the pandemic?

If we need to close the teaching centre in line with government guidelines, we guarantee that classes will continue online. Online classes will include the same number of hours as face-to-face classes.

How I can contact Customer Service?

Have a look at "Our offices" section, here

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