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Cambridge English exam preparation courses: improve your English and get a certification

The Cambridge English 30-hour exam preparation courses offered by the British Council will help get you ready to take First (B2), Advanced (C1) or Proficiency (C2).

Cambridge English certifications are recognised around the world and are an important addition to your CV. 

Course objectives 

  • Improving your language skills: helping you enhance your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English.
  • Familiarising you with the exam format: introducing you to the exam format, including the types of questions, time limits, and scoring system.
  • Building test-taking strategies: familiarising you with effective test-taking strategies, such as time management, skimming and scanning when reading and identifying keywords.
  • Increasing your vocabulary: expanding your vocabulary by introducing you to new words and commonly used phrases.
  • Improving your grammar: helping you improve your grammar by identifying common errors and providing personalised feedback on your writing and speaking.
  • Increasing your learner autonomy: teaching you how to become more independent in your exam preparation by encouraging self-reflection, providing choice, encouraging collaboration, using relevant technology and providing feedback.


Dates and prices

  Dates Days and times Price
First (B2)  17 April-25 June 2024 Wednesday and Friday 18.30-20.00





Advanced (C1) 17 April-25 June 2024 Wednesday and Friday 18.30-20.00




Proficiency (C2) 16 April-25 June 2024  Tuesday and Thursday 18.30-20.00


  • The course material is not included in the price
  • It is not possible to take the exam with the British Council. For information about exam enrolments, please click on the link
  • The minimum level to join a course is B2
  • The course takes place on the Zoom platform
  • Reduced price of €500 (First and Advanced) and  €550 (Proficiency) for teachers. We accept the Bonus Docente