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Additional health and safety measures

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times. It is now time to focus on your learning goals again and we look forward to seeing you and your children soon.

We have extra health and safety measures in place in our teaching centres and exam venues.

Ventilation, additional sanitation - H&S
Hand sanitisers, wearing masks - H&S
Physical distancing, right to refuse entry - H&S

Measures in our teaching centres

Hand sanitisers

We will provide you with hand gel at key access points in our buildings but also in our classroom. We encourage you to regularly wash your hands or use hand gel when in our premises.

Wearing face masks

The use of masks for teachers and pupils will be in accordance with local regulations. 

Physical distancing

  • Whenever possible, please maintain a distance of at least 1 metre with others when in our public spaces.
  • Only one person at a time is allowed to use the lift.
  • We will limit the number of students in each class depending on its volume.
  • We ask that you do not move furniture in our classrooms as these have been set to maximise social distancing.
  • We will monitor and control the flow of students before/ after classes and during breaks.
  • Breaks will be staggered. 
  • Floor markers will be placed at key transit locations in the building to remind you of the importance of maintaining a safe distance.
  • We cannot loan you stationary. You are asked to bring your own including your own water bottle.
  • Increased ventilation and cleaning
  • Your classroom will be ventilated between each class and during breaks.
  • All classrooms will be disinfected regularly. We may ask for your support in cleaning your desk using wipes.
  • Toilets, basins, door handles, staircase handrails and other surfaces will be regularly cleaned and disinfected every day.

Limited access to our premises

  • We reserve the right to refuse entry if you do not wear or wear incorrectly your mask.  Your face mask must cover your mouth and nose at all times. We have a small stock of masks for visitors who may forget to bring their own.
  • Only students will be able to enter our centres. A collection point will be communicated to parents when they bring or collect their child.
  • If you are diagnosed with covid-19 (or if you have covid-19 like symptoms) please do not come to class and inform our team of your absence.
  • In case of lockdown all our classes will revert to online learning with the same teacher and at the same time.  Students and parents will be sent information by email on how to access remote learning.

Green pass

  • Following the government decree on 16 September 2021 - parents or other adults accompanying children to our schools or to our partner schools will be asked to show the Green Pass.
  • MyClass course participants will be asked to show the Green Pass to take part in lessons.
  • Those taking a level test will need to show the green pass

Measures in our exam venues

The health of our test takers and staff is our priority. Before we open any test centre:

  • We ensure that we are following all local government safety guidelines as well as those of the British Council.
  • We brief our test centre staff so they are up to date on what to do and how to prepare for the arrival of test takers.

We have put the following measures in place to make our test centres as safe as possible:

  • Test venues will be cleaned thoroughly prior to each test session.
  • In the case of computer-delivered tests all equipment will be sanitised prior to each session.
  • Our staff will be wearing masks.
  • It is mandatory for all candidates to wear masks in all areas of the venue, e.g. waiting areas, registration and check-in areas, cloakroom areas, when being taken to their desks in the test room or when going to the bathroom. As cases of Covid-19 are on the rise again, in order to ensure heightened safety at the test venue, it is now required to wear masks throughout the whole test session – i.e. from entry into the exam venue to exit post-test. If you are exempt from wearing a mask for health reasons (e.g. asthma), you must provide a medical certificate confirming the exemption. This should be presented when you register on the day of the test.
  • You will be required to maintain a two-metre physical distance at all times.
  • If you would like to, you may also wear latex gloves although this is not required.
  • We will provide sanitisers throughout the test venue and we ask that all test takers use them regularly or wash their hands to help ensure a safe environment. 
  • We will not provide pens or pencils to test takers who will be asked to bring their own stationery on the test day.

Green pass: If, following indications from the relevant authorities or as required by one of our partners, does it become obligatory to show a Green Pass to access a British Council test session, we will send a communication to affected candidates.


Self-declaration of symptoms

Candidates with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 should not attend their test. We are including the link to the World Health Organisation’s website with general sanitary information and basic hygiene measures Covid-19 Information.

If a candidate shows symptoms prior to the test date, they should contact the Examination Centre in order to reschedule their exam to an alternative date. 

Before the start of the test candidates will be required to sign a self-declaration confirming that they are not in quarantine, have not been in contact with anyone suspected of Covid-19 in the past 14 days, and that they have no Covid-19 compatible symptoms.

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