Updated: April 2022

Find out how we are handling exams rescheduling, refunds and results for exams you have booked with the British Council.

When are the British Council exams suspended?

Following the government decree of 23 July 2021, n.105 exam sessions will be cancelled in red zones. Until 31 December 2021, the British Council will communicate cancellations every Saturday, following the updates to zones published on Fridays. Exceptions to this are sessions taking place in primary schools, secondary schools and universities in red zones, which will go ahead as planned. All exam sessions in yellow and orange zones are confirmed until 31 December 2021 unless further restrictions are announced.

What will happen if my exam is cancelled?

We will contact all candidates whose exam is cancelled by email to offer a free transfer. Please, check your e-mail regularly and make sure to check your spam box, too.
If you have registered through a school, you will be contacted directly by your school.

I was enrolled in an exam session that was suspended. How can I transfer to another session?

If your test session has been cancelled, you have received all information through email. Please, check your e-mail regularly and make sure to check your spam box, too. Discover more about our refund policy.

Can you send a confirmation to my university that the exam was cancelled?

If your exam was cancelled by the British Council for any reason, you should have received official communication via e-mail confirming this. Please, forward this message to your university to confirm this piece of information.

Are you planning to open new exam sessions? Where can I find information about available test dates in my city / area / country?

Information about available exam sessions is provided on our website and the specific sessions will be opened in our registration system. Please check our website for information on available exams dates here.

Can I cancel and request a refund if I can’t travel to the country of my exam?

If your request is because of the current Covid-19 lockdown, you can ask for a refund. You can also transfer your exam to a later date. If you would like to do your exam in a different country from the original booking you will need to cancel your test, request a refund and re-book in the new location. Discover more about our refund policy.

I filled out the refund form(s), but I did not receive a response. When will refunds be provided?

We are processing all the claims we have received, but due to the Covid-19 crisis we are experiencing delays in processing requests. We are working on this issue and expect to have completed the processing in 10 weeks from the date of your request. Thank you for your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience this will cause.

Where can I find more info about my exam session (venue, hour, etc.)?

You will be sent a session timetable with all information required for the test day (venue, hour of arrival, time of test, etc.). If you do not receive any communication three days before the exam, please contact your test centre immediately.
You will also receive a message from the test centre outlining the safety measures and requirements for the test day.

Will the rescheduled exams remain at same day/time of the week?

If your exam has been suspended, we will be in contact via email to find a suitable date and time to reschedule your exam. You will receive information about your new exam schedule from us once the new exam date is confirmed.

Is it safe for me to take an English test with the British Council? // I am enrolled for an exam session – what health / protection measures do you have in place?

The health of our test takers and staff is our priority. Before we open any test centre:

  • We ensure that we are following all local government safety guidelines as well as those of the British Council.
  • We brief our test centre staff so they are up to date on what to do and how to prepare for the arrival of test takers.

We have put the following measures in place to make our test centres as safe as possible:

  • Test venues will be cleaned thoroughly prior to each test session.
  • In the case of computer-delivered tests all equipment will be sanitised prior to each session.
  • Our staff will be wearing masks.
  • You will be required to adhere to physical distancing rules at the exam venue. 
  • You will be required to wear a mask at the exam venue in areas and at times indicated by the test day staff. You may be asked to remove the mask for identification or other purposes. 
  • We will not provide pens or pencils to test takers who will be asked to bring their own stationery on the test day.

Do I need to wear face mask at your premises?

All test takers and test day staff are required to wear masks in the test venue. Even if local government regulations do not require it, we have decided to make mask wearing mandatory to ensure a safer test environment.

Is there any limit on the number of customers inside your office/exam premises?

Most of our offices, even in places where we have already re-opened delivery of exams, are currently not open to the public.
Test venues have limits on numbers of candidates that can be seated there. This will depend on local government regulations and the size of the venue. As we are maintaining physical distancing at all test venues, we will be able to accommodate fewer candidates than before Covid-19.

Do you provide gloves and disinfecting hand gel?

We will have hand sanitisers located at different points at the test venue. We will also ensure that there is liquid soap in the bathrooms so that test takers can wash their hands.
We will not be providing masks, but test takers will be required to bring their own on the test day.
We will not be providing latex gloves. You can bring your own, but they are not mandatory.

I registered for an exam through a British Council partner. How can I get a transfer?

If you have subscribed through our official portal, please follow the instructions in the cancellation emails. If the registration is managed by our partner, please contact the partner and refer to their guidance about the refund/transfer policies.

How I can contact Customer Service?

Find out how to contact us here.

Do I need the Green Pass to attend a test?

Following the latest order of the Ministry of Health dated 28 April 2022, we would like to inform you that until 15 June, students and exam candidates will be required to wear a mask on British Council premises and at our partner venues. From 1 May, you will no longer be required to show your Green Pass.

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