TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) will help you to teach English to schoolchildren and adult learners at home or around the world. Use TKT to increase your confidence as a teacher and improve your job prospects.

Why taking TKT?

TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) is ideal if you: 

  • are already teaching, but would like to take an internationally recognised qualification to gain formal recognition for your experience
  • want to improve your career opportunities by widening your teaching experience into specialist areas
  • want to keep your teaching skills up to date. 

Preparing for TKT will improve your confidence as a teacher and give you the knowledge and skills to help you develop your career. 

You can take TKT whatever your background and teaching experience. You do not need to have a certain level of English to take it. 

Where and when to take TKT 

You can take TKT modules in Milan or Rome, many dates available. 

How to register

You can book your TKT module online and pay the registration fee with credit or debit card by phone - following instructions sent by email after registration - or directly in our offices in Rome or Milan.

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