Scholarships and financial support to study in UK

Fees for UK courses as well as available financial support will vary depending on the level of study, programme of study and where in the UK you decide to study.  Generally, international students can expect to pay between £10,000 and £26,000 annually, and typically an undergraduate degree course will last for three years. We advise that students should check the cost of course fees with the university or college they are applying to, as universities set the fees themselves.

Remember that UK institutions will also provide information regarding additional financial support for students from the EU (for example scholarships, grants and bursaries). 

Find out more about fees, scholarships and visas on scholarships and financial support section, on the Study UK

Student finance in England: update 2021

From 31st July 2021, international fees will be applicable to all EU students attending universities in England.  These will no longer be covered by access to Student Loans.  EU citizens with settled status in the UK will continue to access home fees and finance.   

Find out more from the UK Government student finance in England website.

Student finance in Wales

Find out more about financing your studies in Wales on the Wales student finance website.

Student finance in Northern Ireland

Find out more on the Student finance Northern Ireland website.

Student finance in Scotland 2020 and 2021

As an EU student at university in Scotland, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland will cover your tuition fee if you start your studies before July 2021. You will be eligible for this support for the duration of your studies.  

From 31st July 2021, EU students beginning a new course in Scotland will no longer be eligible for home fee status.  Each university will set its own fees for EU students so you are advised to check this information on the relevant university webpages.

This won’t change if you start a course at a university or further education institution in the UK before July 2021. You will continue to be eligible for ‘home fee status’ – in other words, you will be charged the same tuition fees as UK students, and you can still apply for a government-funded student loan, or have your fees paid by SAAS if you are studying as an undergraduate in Scotland.

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