Education agents in Italy

The purpose of the training is to provide a practical and professional training programme for those whose role is to recommend the UK as a study destination to international students.

The UK agent and counsellor training and engagement hub will provide school counsellors, college counsellors, teachers and education agents with the knowledge to become a professional and certified education agent/counsellor.

The training programme reflects the changing context around UK education for international students and education industry trends. All the courses have been written by the British Council’s experienced team of experts and the suite consists of multiple levels of self-study courses providing career progression.

Key topics covered in the training include:

  • the UK education and training system, courses and qualifications at each level
  • the attractions for students considering studying and living in the UK
  • student lifestyle issues – living costs, travel and accommodation
  • quality assurance mechanisms and how they operate
  • course fees and scholarships
  • UK application procedures and standard entry requirements; visa and immigration regulations
  • professionalism and ethical behaviour
  • working with UK institutions and academic readiness
  • GDPR and intellectual property
  • child safeguarding
  • ethics.

The training programme is free of charge.

Visit the UK agent and counsellor training and engagement hub to sign up.