About the programme

The European Union encourages the development of key competences such as team work and the appreciation of diversity, in order to succeed in a globalised society.

Connecting Classrooms brought students and teachers from different classes together to :

  • understand issues of worldwide importance
  • gain a sense of social responsibility
  • develop skills to succeed in the global economy.

The programme developed understanding and trust between young people in different societies, creating a safer and more connected world for the future.

The aim of the programme is to achieve culturally inclusive schools. It was designed in consultation with education bodies, practitioners and policy makers around the world.

Participants experience

"This project was very useful because it gave us the possibility to meet new cultures and new people: we wish to meet our new Bulgarian, Russian, English, Israeli friends again, we have to take care about next generations and we need to ask governments to support whoever will participate with enthusiasm and will be involved in future projects like CC".


"It gave us the possibility to meet new cultures and new people ..." 
Young learner from Liceo Scientifico Severi, Frosinone

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