About this course

Financial English is aimed at professionals working in all areas of commerce and banking.

The course aims to develop the language, skills and specialist vocabulary finance professionals need in order to communicate and work effectively in English. 

Participants will increase their lexical range in financial terminology, synonyms, abbreviations and idiomatic expressions in a variety of topic areas.

The terminology covered will be applied in skill-building activities which enhance written correspondence and reading for gist and analysis as well as helping boost confidence in listening and responding to job specific situations and speaking in work and social situations.

The course is suitable also for students of Economics faculties or similar.

Dates and timetables


Milan - Via Manzoni, 38 (main centre)

Courses February - June 2019

Dates Time and Days Length Price
February - June 2019 Thursdays
18.30 - 20.30
30 academic hours €800

Payments can also be made by instalments (€100 + €200 + €250 + €250)