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The British Council is the UK’s official organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

At the Highlands Institute, we run courses for young learners: Primary Plus (6 - 10 yrs) and Secondary Plus (11 - 18 yrs)

We offer a wide range of high quality English courses also in:

  • Via Cola di Rienzo 140 - at Istituto Nazareth
  • Via G.B. de Rossi 48 - at Iunior International Institute
  • Via Pavia 23 - at Petranova International Institute

We also offer tailor made courses for companies, exams and activities to meet your needs whether for academic purposes, to improve your career prospects or simply for the pleasure of learning.

British Council courses of English for children and young learners at Highlands Institute, Rome

Contact and location

You can contact our Customer Services Staff at our main Rome centre in Via di San Sebastianello, 16. 

Our reception opening hours are available here.