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For primary and middle school children, we organise a Summer Camp at St.George's British International School at La Storta. Children have the chance to study English for up to three weeks and enjoy a series of recreactional activities conducted in English in the afternoons. The summer camp will run from 26 June - 14 July and children can do one, two or three weeks.

PLEASE NOTE – from Monday 26 June to Friday 30 June, the summer school will only consist of the English course in the morning.
From July 3, afternoon activities in English will also be provided.


For senior school students we offer 60- hour courses held at our main premises in Via San Sebastianello, 16, from 21 June to 14 July. These courses are suitable for students who need to consolidate the English learnt during the academic year or for those who would like to make progress faster. 

How is the summer camp organised?

The summer camp is organised in collaboration with St. George's British International School. Children will have the chance to develop their English skills in a relaxed and encouraging environment.

The courses aim to develop all areas of the language with a particular emphasis on communication. Course content and methodology are adjusted to meet the needs of each age group and we use a wide range of materials and activities to ensure that the lessons are effective and stimulating.  

Children are divided according to age and language level so they must take the entrance test before starting the course. The test can be taken at our main centre in Via San Sebastianello or at St. George's. Children who will be starting the second year of primary school in September do not need to take the test. We do not offer courses for children younger than this.  

Lessons are from 9.30-12.30 from Monday to Friday. Please note that the first week is only 4 days, due to the public holiday on June 29.


The recreational activities are conducted by mother tongue teachers, allowing children to further develop their language skills whilst playing and having fun doing a variety of activities including sports, music, drama, art and cooking. 

Please note there are two options available for the summer camp. 

1) Course + Activities. 

2) All day activities. 


  • 26 June - 14 July (it is possible to do one, two or three weeks) 
  • 9.30-12.30 ( English lessons) 13.15-16.15 activities. It is also possible to do activities all day.  

Cost of the summer camp

  Price for week 1 (4 days) Price per week Price for three weeks
English course 09.30-12.30 € 225 € 280 € 699
+ Activities 13.15-16.15 € 125 € 155 € 369
Bus service € 76 € 95 € 220

How are the courses for senior school organised?

The 60 hour courses for senior school students cater for those who may need to catch up after the year at school and those who want to make quicker progress to prepare for the academic year ahead. The courses are also useful for students who need to improve their English quickly in preparation for studying abroad. 

Students concentrate on all four skills;speaking, reading, writing and listening. We use a wide range of materials and activities to ensure that the lessons are effective and stimulating.

21 June - 12 July 2017 from 9.30 -13.30

Cost of the senior courses

60 hours - €1050

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