photo Matt Wright

For Primary, Middle School or Secondary School students we organise two week intensive courses on our premises in Naples.

This is the summer format the British Council has developed over the last few years to meet the needs of students and families: a mini full-immersion course (24 hours) in the English language which gets the youngsters actively involved and which is also interesting and effective.

Why attend our courses?

  • Students are organised in groups according to their age and their linguistic level.
  • Students do three hours of lessons Tuesday to Friday, with a highly qualified teacher. 
  • The lessons have an emphasis on developing oral communication skills but will also give the students the chance to develop the four linguistic skills. For older students we integrate grammar study into an intensive and stimulating programme.

 Where are the courses held? 

The courses are held at the British Council, Via Morghen 36, Napoli

Test and cost

To enrol onto our courses your child has to take a level test, which is free of charge and organised in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Together with the level test, you will be able to talk to our staff about the best options for your child.