demo lesson corsi bambini

'My son has been attending the British Council for 8 years (he's nearly 18 now) and  I'd recommend this experience to those parents who believe in this method of teaching English, that is, interactive, stimulating and fun but at the same time serious in how it prepares the children.' Silvia, madre di Francesco

'I wanted to let you know about my complete satisfaction with the quality of teaching which my daughter is getting and the true professionalism of your teaching team, helped by their excellent customer service colleagues.' Giuseppe, padre di Letizia

'As I mentioned in the meeting with Elisa's teacher, we're really happy with everything this year. The teachers have managed to convey an enthusiasm for learning which in Elisa's case, has gone beyond the classroom.' Massimiliano, padre di Elisa 

'We're really happy with Lucrezia Maria's course. The teacher is knowledgable, empathetic, approachable and engaging. Lucrezia Maria is also really happy with her classmates.' Emanuele, padre di Lucrezia Maria