About this course

Course overview

Each year the course looks at different writers from the UK and other English speaking countries.

You will be guided through their reading and analysis and extra material will be provided by the teacher.

If wished you can do research to present in class, or written work.

The aim of the course will be to give you an overall view of the chosen writers and books, to improve your analytical reading and to provide the context within which the writers have formed their styles.

This year's course

For 2021-22 we’ll be looking at a range of books:

A satirical look at the British government and the secret service, Canadian short stories by a Nobel Prize winner and a story of murder in the Scottish Highlands.

Reading is done for homework (c. 30 pages per week).

Class time is spent talking about the book - story and characters, style and vocabulary - and going off on interesting cultural and historical tangents.

We use videos and radio programmes to supplement.

  • Alice Munro - Selected Stories - Vintage Classics / ISBN-10: 0099541092 ISBN-13: 978-0099541097
  • Graham Greene - Our Man in Havana - Vintage Classics / ISBN-10: 0099286084 ISBN-13: 978-0099286080
  • Graeme McRae Burnett - His Bloody Project - Contraband Publishing / ISBN-10: 1910192147 ISBN-13: 978-1910192146

Books not included

Where is this course taught?

Dates, timetables and cost

The course starts in September 2021

  • When: Wednesdays
  • Length: 45 hours (30 lessons)
  • Cost: €1,090 (with 15% discount for returners) books not included.

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Milan - Via Manzoni, 38 (main centre)