About this course


Business Skills has been developed with your working life in mind and aims to help you realise your full potential at work. 

Each lesson will focus on a workplace issue that needs solving, refining, or developing. Through analysis and discussion of real work situations and a variety of practical exercises, you will improve your ability to influence those around you, connect with your team, improve your problem solving skills and increase your productivity overall.

The course will cover topics such as: making connections, change, teamwork, performance, resources, risk, leadership, persuasion aiming to build your communication skills and confidence in the workplace.


Our Business Speaking course helps you improve your spoken confidence and fluency in business environments. 

The lessons are based on business themes that will stimulate conversation, introduce new vocabulary and provide opportunities for pronunciation practice. The teacher will correct errors and give you personalised feedback on your pronunciation. In each class, you will develop speaking skills you can directly apply in conversations with international colleagues and clients.   

Through a range of activities including informal conversations, discussions and pronunciation training, you will improve your ability to communicate effectively and sound professional when interacting with colleagues and clients.

Dates and timetables


Business Skills

Milan - Via Manzoni, 38 (main centre)

Courses September 2019 - January 2020

Dates                                     Time and Days Length Price
September 2019 - January 2020

One lesson per week

22.5 academic hours


Payments can also be made by instalments (€100 + €150 + €150 + €150).

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