myClass Online is a new, flexible way for you to improve your English. With myClass Online, YOU are in control of your progress. You can choose the lessons that best suit your interests and your schedule. 

Teaching is online with qualified, experienced teachers, because that’s how you learn best! And to speed up your learning you will have free access to a variety of online learning activities to practice your English anytime, anywhere. 

  • Real Life English
    myClass Online gives you the English you really need by focusing on the speaking and listening that happens in everyday situations. Lessons will focus on authentic English with real-life topics and practical language tasks.
  • Convenience
    With myClass Online you don’t have to wait for a new term to start. As soon as you register, you’re ready to start learning. You can sign up to any class up to one minute before the class starts.
  • You’re in control
    When registering for the course you will be given a personalized login to our booking website. This means that you can manage your courses and track your progress on the move. 
  • More flexibility, greater choice
    On the myClass Online booking system you can select the class date, time, topic and teacher according to your preference and schedule. What’s more, you can also change your selection up to 24 hours before the lesson begins. 
  • You don't pay for classes you miss
    With this flexible way of learning, you can make sure you don't pay for a class that you can’t go to. Just cancel your class up to 24 hours before the start of the class. 
  • Assessment of your speaking every 10 lessons from the class teacher.