Learn from the English experts with myClass English course

Inspired learning ... A step towards your goals 

MyClass takes you closer to your goals and gives you the confidence to use English in the situations that matter to you. Classes are led by highly qualified teachers who provide expert direction, motivating you to use the English language better.

Whatever your learning aims, we can help you choose either workplace English themes or English for social situations, or a combination of the two. You can personalise your learning and study at a time that is convenient for you. 

Typical lesson themes by learning level

Workplace English – designed to help you practise your English and develop skills in typical work situations.

Social English – covers a range of topics and social situations to help you speak English more confidently. Improve your language skills, learn how to express feelings and opinions or explore new subjects. You may want to discuss your interests – sport, travel, environmental issues, life events. Perhaps you want to look to the future, explore new technologies or climate change.

Pre-intermediate (A2)

Examples of what you will learn at Pre-intermediate (A2) are:

  • developing essential career and work skills
  • participating in meetings
  • planning and discussing ideas with the team
  • preparing and giving presentations.

Intermediate (B1)

Examples of what you will learn at Intermediate (B1) are:

  • making a great impression at work
  • networking and building relationships at work
  • presenting with clarity and confidence
  • understanding finance, performance and secrets of success in the workplace.

Upper-intermediate (B2)

Examples of what you will learn at Upper intermediate (B2) are:

  • participating more effectively in meetings
  • professional strengths/weaknesses, job suitability
  • improving communication at work in different business contexts
  • developing your presentation skills  
  • assertive communication and negotiation techniques.

Advanced (C1)

Examples of what you will learn at Advanced (C1) are:

  • communicating in global business situations
  • handling ethical matters and financial decisions
  • technology, the digital world and the future
  • effective collaboration
  • business, the environment and social responsibility in the 21 century.

Proficiency (C2)

Examples of what you will learn at Proficiency (C2) are:


  • express yourself naturally and effortlessly; only needing to pause occasionally in order to select precisely the right words without the listener noticing
  • express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations
  • vary intonation and place sentence stress correctly in order to express finer shades of meaning and speak with pronunciation that does not strain the listener


  • write clear, well-structured text that shows good organizational structure, with an understanding of the style and content appropriate to the task and make full and appropriate use of a variety of organisational patterns


  • I can understand any kind of spoken language, whether live or broadcast, delivered at fast speed or including humour, nuance, and implied meaning, even in a noisy environment
  • I can follow any kind of spoken language that contains a high degree of colloquial expressions, regional usage, or unfamiliar terminology


  • understand with ease virtually everything you read
  • scan quickly through complex tests from a variety of genres, including unfamiliar ones
  • understand complex reports, manuals and contracts, including finer shades of meaning and differentiation, plus issues that are implied rather than stated