New customers have the opportunity to purchase a small ‘taster’ package of 5 credits at a reduced price of €100. These credits must be used within one month. A taster package can be purchased only once and customers who have had myClass packages previously do not qualify.

When a student then goes on to buy a regular package (20/40/60 credits) they will be treated as a new customer and qualify for promotional offers for new students (eg Two Weeks Free and Fast Start) and not the offers for existing students (Loyalty and Welcome back)

myClass is a new, flexible way for you to develop your English. You are in control of your progress and can choose the lessons that best suit your interests and schedule. 

Teaching is 100% face-to-face and your lessons will focus on authentic everyday English with real-life topics and practical language tasks. 

You can start your course whenever you want - you just have to take a placement test.

Time extensions

Students who reach the end of their packages without using all of their credits currently have two options. They can purchase a new package with a loyalty discount and transfer all of their credits to the new package, or they buy a new package later with a welcome back discount and transfer half of their unused credits. We now have a third option. Students can purchase a time extension to give them more time to use all of their credits. The two extensions available are one month for €50 and three months for €200. Students can only purchase one extension.

myClass is available in Naples.

Book a test online, or contact us today. 

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